Our History

Organised entirely by our membership, Socialists for Independence (SFI) is open to anyone sharing our ambition of an independent socialist Scotland. We are building the Yes vote by linking independence to our vision of a Scotland embracing socialist solutions to tackle inequality and improving all our lives.


Taking our vision internationally, we share support and solidarity with socialists from England, Wales, Northern Ireland, across Europe and around the world.


SFI is open, accessible collaboration where socialists share, support each other, and develop ideas and strategy for an independent socialist Scotland – want to hear more?



Choosing a future for ourselves in an independent Scotland.

A democracy fit for the 21st Century where sovereignty rests with the people. 

An outward looking Scotland that offers a friendly hand to the peoples of the world.

A Scottish republic of citizens not subjects.


System change not climate change.

Sustainability over a race for growth that privileges the already rich.  

Protecting our soil, seas and rivers for generations to come.

A just transition to a carbon free economy.


Living in dignity free from discrimination.

Living in dignity free from poverty. 

Living in dignity with rights at work and security in employment. 

Living in dignity by guaranteeing our rights to privacy and protection.


Removing corporate control of our public spaces.

For decent public services.

Security and sustainability in housing.  

Connecting communities with accessible and free public transport. 


A more equal society through the redistribution of our vast wealth.

Public ownership and control of our land and natural resources.

Public ownership and control of our key utilities and services.

A society that promotes the collective good over production for profit.

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