Your membership can make a difference.

If you share our vision of an independent socialist Scotland, your ideas and participation can help it happen.

Get involved when and where suits you best. We have a variety of forums where you can meet and discuss with other socialists.

Help us decide SFI policy, develop ideas and strategy for an independent socialist Scotland.

Sign-up to get access to our online forums, member meetings and regular membership newsletters.

Pay what you can afford: £2/£5/£10 a month or £24 for a year.


Who are Socialists for Independence (SFI)?

A network: we are socialists and campaigners from across Scotland

A collective: come together to build a Yes vote and promote socialist solutions to tackle poverty and inequality in Scotland

Campaigners: from all walks of life, trade unions, other political parties and none

Visionaries: sharing the vision of an independent socialist Scotland providing a house, a job and a decent standard of living for all

Supporters: SFI is a welcoming, accessible space to collaborate and develop ideas and strategy for an independent socialist Scotland.

Can anyone join?

Yes: the doors are open to anyone who shares our vision of an independent Scotland embracing socialist solutions to defeat poverty and inequality

Membership: a sliding scale, pay what you can afford

Come along: we’d love to see you at meetings, helping with campaigning, contributing to our policies and decision-making

Too busy?: that’s fine, join in where and when you can, share our social media posts and stay in touch with our newsletter.

What do SFI members do?

Campaign: for an independent socialist Scotland, but many SFI members are active in other campaigns and parties too

Solidarity: using SFI to build support for the campaigns and issues of other groups

Local: building the campaign locally is a great way to strengthen the case for an independent socialist Scotland

International: linking up with socialists and social justice campaigns from England, Wales, Northern Ireland and across the world.

How are decisions made in SFI?

Grassroots: members will take part in electing a 6-person team to take the network forward for the first six months

Forum: ongoing challenges and opportunities will be discussed at open monthly meetings where everyone has a vote. 

Rules: there are as few as possible to allow for as much discussion as possible – it can take a while!

Working groups: these are self-organised interest groups to develop policy and practice, join as many or few as you want

Goodwill: with a democratic, open political culture and a fund of goodwill, SFI relies entirely on its members.

What about the Yes movement?

Diverse: we are committed to contributing to a broad Yes movement that includes a strong socialist voice

Collaboration: working alongside others in the Yes movement to help build support for an independent Scotland 

Links: joining with like-minded activists, raising the socialist banner to ensure a post-independent Scotland for the many, not just the richest elite.